What is Slotto?

Boy With Slotto Rocket
Slotto is a Toy Construction Set reminiscent of those great toys of the ’50′s and ’60′s. Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and even Lego in the early years. One customer commented, “It’s like Lincoln Logs on steroids!”

The only instructions in Slotto Sets are some simple tips and how to make a few simple but neat puzzles. The main idea is to see what YOU can make.

Slotto is a toy that works because man’s creativity and inventive nature has created HDF, High Density Fibreboard.

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“I got my Slotto; NOW how do I use it???”

Kids Playing with Slotto

Slotto is for kids, but adults get a kick out of it too. Left alone, kids often figure out all sorts of things to do with a Slotto set that surprises even the toy’s inventor! So, if you’re a parent who’s become a bit frustrated with the set, make sure you keep that a secret from your child!

Take a deep breath and look up above you at the site menu. You will see a tab called “Manuals” and, below that, you’ll see other “how-to’s” and we will be expanding on that on a regular basis.

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 Bridge the Generation Gap


“When my wife gave this Slotto set to me for my birthday, I was amazed at the cleverness and precision of the puzzles!!  As a perfectionist myself, the cut of the pieces made assembling of them a real joy.  The three Slotto pieces are now displayed as artwork in our living room.”

Yes, your kids (or grandkids) will love it and so will you. It’s lots and lots of fun to gather around the table and spread out all the pieces. Soon the kids and you will be sharing ideas and talking and building things together.

When’s the last time you were really able to play with your kids?

Actually, more importantly, when will the next time be?

If you are in the United States, we can deliver your Slotto set to you within a week. We don’t want you to wait that long! Grab a ball and get out in the yard today!

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