Box of Slotto toy piecesSlotto is a Toy Construction Set reminiscent of those great toys of the ’50’s and ’60’s. Tinker Toys, Lincoln¬†Logs, and even Lego in the early years. One customer commented, “It’s like Lincoln Logs on steroids!”


The only instructions in Slotto Sets are some simple tips and how to make a few simple but neat puzzles. The main idea is to see what YOU can make.
Slotto is a toy that works because man’s creativity and inventive nature has created HDF, High Density Fibreboard.


Without HDF, Slotto wouldn’t be possible. HDF is made from sawdust waste that is made into a product with remarkable characteristics that are ideal for Slotto. It feels like wood because it IS wood, but it is much more stable, uniform, and consistant. Essential for Slotto to always fit right, not too tight, not tooboy playing with slotto pieces loose.


We’ve worked on Slotto for many years, testing a myriad of materials, dimensions, and configurations and the New Sets are truly “Waycool,” my stepdaughter’s description. Slotto has attracted the attention of the News media as it’s been featured in the local Salem, Oregon Statesman Journal newspaper, the Channel 2 KATU News in Portland Oregon, the Lars Larson nationally syndicated radio talk show, and the Glenn Beck nationally syndicated talk show.


Portland Children's museum kids playing with slottoThe fourth largest Children’s Museum in the nation has already incorporated Slotto into their Early Childhood Learning training program, and a limited number of Heavy Duty Commercial Slotto Sets are holding up well after a year of daily use in Montessori and Learning Tree Schools.

Three members of the winning team in the 2010 State of Oregon Lego Competition have Slotto Sets and one thirteen year old girl said, “I can be so much more creative with Slotto!” another added, “Everything just fits!”