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Portland Oregon News Program on Slotto


Slotto in the News

Slotto has attracted the attention of the News media as it’s been featured first in the local Salem, Oregon Statesman Journal newspaper in January 2011, the Channel 2 KATU News in Portland Oregon, the Lars Larson nationally syndicated radio talk show, and the Glenn Beck nationally syndicated talk show. A plastic version of Slotto is tentatively approved for placement in Wal-Mart stores when the production costs and price analysis are completed.

The fourth largest Children’s Museum in the nation has already incorporated Slotto into their Early Childhood Learning training program, and a limited number of Heavy Duty Commercial Slotto Sets are holding up well after a year of daily use in Montessori and Learning Tree Schools.

Here are some of the stories in the News…

Local ABC Affiliate KATU in Portland Oregon ran a story on Slotto for Kids